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"I’m going to the family reunion because I love my family!"

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Just in case you were wondering, I plan to attend the Family Reunion next year because we have a great family!!

That’s a simple answer but it’s true. Seriously. Number one - God places us in families intentionally. We are not here by accident. I think all of us have long since realized that we are in a tribe of Levites. God has called so many of us into ministry and Christian service that we have a lot in common. We feel so comfortable with each other. We could ask a different family minister to preach every year, and we would have no shortage of preachers from here on out! It’s very uplifting to be in the company of the believers, the holy nation, the peculiar people. And we are peculiar (smile)!

Secondly, our family is great because it’s full of comedians. We have all been through such a rough time this past year and a half. We have suffered losses, taken hits, and walked through the fire. But God is faithful; He brought us through, and He did not allow the fire to consume us. There is no smell of smoke on our clothing or in our hair. But some of us are still hurting inside. When we come together, we can comfort one another. We can remember those we have lost. We can share funny stories and pictures of times gone by, and make new memories of the present. And I promise, with the comedians we have in every branch of this crew, they will have you laughing and make you feel better!

So I’m coming to celebrate God and His family. I’m coming because He blessed us with such wonderful parents and grandparents. I’m coming because I’ve been hurting and I know that my family has been hurting. I’m coming so we can comfort one another and rejoice in the Lord. I’m coming because God is not through with us yet, and we must encourage one another to let go of all that has gone before, and press on toward the wonderful plan God has for us in the future! God bless you and I hope to see you there!

And finally, I’m going to the family reunion because I love my family. I hope that everyone will get vaccinated and be there to celebrate and comfort one another as we have planned to do. May God bless and keep each one who reads this message!

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02 feb 2022

Looking forward to seeing you there, Wendy!

Me gusta
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